Dr. Jennifer Jones is the founder and visionary behind New York City’s Green Ivy Schools network and a lifelong entrepreneur and advocate for evolved learning experiences for children from birth to high school and beyond.

She has developed 24 schools and draws from a rich background as school developer, international policy consultant, and teacher. She has advised boards and governments at regional, state, national and international levels, served as a university professor and authored a successful book on child development.

Her career is defined by pioneering efforts to break through economic and social barriers to ensure that young people from every walk of life achieve maximum potential through engaged, relevant and cutting edge approaches to education.

Her specializations include educational technology, transglobal education, bilingual education, literacy, and economic development.

Dr. Jones is the creator of Parenting for the Future, a new and engaging series of speakers, panels and hands-on workshops which invite parents of digital natives to explore and learn more about how technology will shape the lives of and future opportunities for their children.

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